Starters & Zakouski  
Chicken Liver Pate with Dry Fig Confiture
Delicate pate served with grapes toasted baguette
Blini with Red Caviar Sour Cream and Chives 24
Blini Rolls with Cured Wild Salmon 18
Blini with Paddlefish Black Caviar 1oz. 49
Foie Gras Mousse
Rich, Decadent mousse of foie gras, toasted baguette & blueberry onion marmalade
Pickled Assorted Vegetables
Russia’s favorite vodka chaser
Marinated Wild Mushrooms 12
Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail
Lightly Brushed with basil pesto served with a cocktail sauce
Cured Pork Belly "Salo" 14
Herring in a Fur Coat "Shuba" 16
House-Smoked Fish Delicacies
Smoked sturgeon, wild salmon and escolar
Blue Point Oysters on the Half Shell 1doz.
Sweet & Nutty Alantic Oysters served chilled with a cocktail sauce
Chilled Seafood Cocktail
Dozen blue point oysters & grilled black tiger shrimp cocktail
Fillet of Cured Herring
With buttered young potato and red onion Minced Sour Cabbage with Sunflower oil, cranberries and Spanish onions
House-Smoked Charcuterie
Smoked bacon, home-made kielbasa, brick oven roasted pork loin and, roast sirloin
Farm Salad of Seasonal Vegetables & Feta 14
Add spice aged dried beef "basturma" 5
Wild Duck Salad over Mesclun with Nuts 18
Country Garden Salad
With your choice of sour cream or unfiltered sunflower seed oil
Laurdon Salad with Poached Egg 16
Roasted Beet Salad "Vinegret" 12
Three Cheese Salad
Artisanal mix of frizee, arugula, radicchio and endive with goat cheese, blue cheese & brie
Russian Potato Salad "Olivier" 12
Black Tiger Shrimp Salad with Avocado 24
Russian Borscht
Served with garlic bread "Pompushka" & cubes of beef
Porcini & Barley Soup 12
Russian Smokehouse Stew " Solyanka"
Savory, smoky, zesty stew of the finest cuts of smoked meats with lemon and olives
Traditional Fisherman's Soup "Uha!"
Served with savory rastegai
Russian Brick Oven & Hot Appetizers  
Seared Foie Gras
Topped over a wine poached pear with a wild berry port reduction
"Kulebiaka" Fish Pie
Russian counterpart of the French pate en croute filled with rice, onions and chopped hard-boiled egg
Pan Fried Potato with Wild Mushrooms
Chef selected mushrooms sautees with caramelized onions over an iron skillet of pan fries
Pan Fried Potato with Chanterelles 26
Pan Fried Mushroom & Escargot Juliens
Duo of creamy cheese topped baked casseroles
Fish Cake with Red & Bechamel Creme
Delicate fish cake of salmon & Chilean Sea Bass
Battered Crisp Soft Shell Crabs
Over Veggie pasta with a zesty sweet & sour coulis
Stuffed Cabbage "Golubtsy" 14
Stuffed Traditional Russian Dumplings "Pelmeni"
Choice of siberian, chicken or veal. Served with sour cream
Traditional Ukrainian Dumplings "Vareniki" 15
Bite Size Cabbage or Meat Pierogi
Hot from the Brick Oven, ultimate Russian comfort food
Oysters Rockefeller
Blue Point Oysters baked with creamed spinach and leeks with a parmesan crust
Chicken Kiev
Served with mashed potatoes and grilled scallions
"Pozharsky Cutlets"
Seared Ground Chicken & Veal Patties with Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Cream Sauce
Russian Beef Stew "Zharkoe"
Traditionally prepared in a Russian Brick Oven served in a Clay Pot with Golden Potato
Braised Beef Short Ribs au Jus
Tender slow braised beef on the bone with truffle barley risotto and grilled endive
Beef Tenderloin "Stroganoff "
Creamy Strips of beef with mushrooms, pickles and a side of mashed potatoes
Whole Chicken "Tabaka"
Press fried Cornish Hen topped with garlic butter, side of pan fries and grilled corn
Grilled Branzino
Grilled whole & served with a side of grilled vegetables
Spice Glazed Roasted Salmon
Creamy lobster mashed potatoes & a vegetable bouquet
Honey Glazed Chilean Sea Bass
Creamy lobster mashed potatoes & a vegetable bouquet
Crisp Red Snapper
Fried to a delicious crisp, served whole with a side of spinach mashed potatoes and parmesan tuille
Warm Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream 12
Home Made Napoleon with Bavarian Crème 12
Home Made Honey Cake "Medovik" 12
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream with Berries 10
Raspberry Sorbet with Berries 12
Fruit & Berries Petite 22 Large 40
Berries Rosette 14
Strawberries "Onegin" 12
"Sirniki" Russian Cheesecake 12
"Smetannik" 12
Two-Tone Chocolate Mousse 12
Classic Creme Brulee 12
Halva parfait with Cashews and Hazelnuts 12
Sour Cherry Vareniki 12
Ambient Cheese Platter 20

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Located in the heart of New York`s Greenwich Village, Onegin has the finest Russian Fusion cuisine that Manhattan has to offer. Based Pushkin`s literary masterpiece, Onegin`s interior design reflects Pushkin`s tale of Eugene Onegin, the restaurant`s eponym. The bittersweet story of the jaded yet dashing aristocrat-- set in the opulence of St. Petersburg`s Empire period-- chronicles the life of a man who often lacks empathy, is constantly restless, is the epitome of being melancholy and finally, filled with regret. This lavish eatery will transport you to the 19th century with an air of elegance resonating from the interior design to the extraordinary Russian cuisine.