Located in the heart of New York`s Greenwich Village, Onegin has the finest Russian Fusion cuisine that Manhattan has to offer. Based on the literary works of Pushkin, Onegin`s interior design reflects Pushkin`s tale of Eugene Onegin, the restaurants` namesake. The bittersweet story of the jaded yet dashing aristocrat- set in the opulence of St. Petersburg`s Empire period- chronicles the life of a man who often lacks empathy, is constantly restless, is the epitome of being melancholy and finally, filled with regret. This lavish eatery will transport you to the 19th century with an air of elegance resonating from the interior design to the extraordinary Russian cuisine. kjhfkjhfkjfkhdkhgdkhgdkhgjdkhgdjhgdjgdghdgh

391 Sixth Avenue, New York NY 10014 | 212.924.8001 | info@oneginnyc.com

Gourmet black cavier hors d`oeuvres  Herring salad, a sure palate pleaser Russian Pelmeni, a tasty classic Blinis with cottage cheese, a modern delicacy Olivier salad-- with a gourmet twist