Chicken Liver Pate with Dry Fig Confiture,
Grapes and Mini Toast
House-Smoked Charcuterie...
Smoked bacon, home-made kielbasa, brick oven roasted
pork loin and roast sirloin
Marinated Wild Mushrooms
Cured Herring with Potato and Red Onions
House-Cured Gravlax with Dill and Sea Salt
Pickled Assorted Vegetables ...
Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pattypan and Garlic
Cured Pork Belly "Salo"
Laurdon Salad
Wild Duck Salad over Mesclun with Nuts
Chopped Farm Salad of Seasonal Vegetables
with Feta
Russian Potato Salad "Olivier" with Smoked
Blini with Red Caviar, Sour Cream and
Pan Fried Potato with Wild Mushrooms
Oysters Rockefeller
Braised Beef Short Ribs with Barley Risotto
Spice Glazed Roasted Salmon
"Pozharsky Cutlets" Bread Crumb Crusted
Seared Ground Chicken & Veal Patties
Fruit and Berries
Home Made Napoleon with "Zavarnoy"
Creme "Smetannik"

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"Banquet $95"
Zastolie...a holiday feast! The abundance of rich and incredibly tasty food and the truly luxurious tradition of this Russian feast are never anything short of impressive at Onegin. Even in middle-class Russian families, a normal dinner consists of several courses served one after another. Arranging an enormous table for holidays, parties, and welcoming guests is a national tradition and a lavish affair in Russia. We invite you to sample Onegin's cuisine in this opulent Holiday feast. Zastolie is available for parties of 4 or more at $95 per person. Please inquire about our inclusive beverage package.